Today, families have many funeral service options available to them. As one of Erie's most trusted and progressive funeral homes, we offer a wide range of services to accommodate the wishes and desires of every family. Those options include the traditional visitation and burial service, cremation alternatives or immediate burial.

Traditional services

The "Traditional burial service" has always included a period of visitation at which time family and friends gather in the presence of their loved one's remains. This time of gathering is intended to assist in the process of grieving by providing a strong support system.

This time of viewing is usually followed by a service that is held either in a church or at the funeral home. Ground burial or entombment always completes the traditional burial service.

Cremation alternatives

For those families interested in cremation, we offer several options. Many families who choose cremation also request the traditional time of viewing and funeral service rites, followed by cremation and either burial, interment or scattering of the cremated remains. We also offer families the option of a memorial service. Memorial services are intended to offer the bereaved the same form of support that a viewing does; however, instead of viewing the deceased loved one, the cremated remains may or may not be present at the discretion of the family. Memorial services may be held virtually anywhere. We also offer the option of a direct cremation. Direct cremation is simply cremation of the remains with no related funeral rites outside of a graveside or memorial service if desired. It is available for those families who desire a simple service at a basic cost.

Immediate Burial

As the title implies, this option entails a direct burial within a 24-hour period. Embalming is not required. With an immediate burial, a graveside service or memorial service may be held to commemorate the life and death of the deceased.

It is our responsibility to help you select the best option for your family.

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