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Relieve an emotional burden from those you love.

Today more than ever before, people are taking steps to arrange for their funeral and final expense in advance of need. They realize the tremendous burden that comes upon their family from being unprepared. Pre-planning your funeral helps to ease the emotional and financial stress that can be a burden to your family at the time of loss. It is not unlike being responsible and planning for other expenditures you face throughout life. It is also more effective than providing instructions in your will. This is because pre-planning is more thorough and the wishes are more accessible at a moment's notice. It is during pre-planning that you make your wishes known, such as if you want a traditional burial and cremation. You also have the opportunity to make known your wishes concerning all the areas that would pertain to your choices. These would include the visitation, funeral service, casket, vault and place of service, just to name a few. Your family still has the freedom to personalize the service to meet their needs as well so that they can say goodbye in a way that is meaningful and appropriate to them.

Relieve a financial burden from those you love

Pre-planning is designed to allow you to pay for future needs at today's cost. If you choose to pre-pay the funeral, you are investing the money into a burial trust program that is designed to keep up with the cost of inflation. Your family will not encounter any unanticipated expenses and the funeral is guaranteed paid in full.

There are many ways to pre-pay a funeral. The programs are designed to allow you to pay one lump sum, pay on payment plans or even design the payments to allow them to come from the estate or already-owned private insurance. It is our responsibility to explain all of your options to you and let you decide which is best for you.

Express your own wishes

The benefits to pre-planning also include protection for assets from Medical Assistance, SSI, Pace and fixed income housing. If you have a concern for any of these areas, we will be glad to help explain the advantages of pre-planning/pre-funding; all options of choice including burial and cremation, funeral cost evaluation, evaluating funeral merchandisers, bereavement counseling/support groups and speaking to civic or social functions. Please feel free to contact us.

Pre-planning methods

The first method is to set up an irrevocable burial account with a funeral director. The funeral director then deposits the money into a bank's trust department. Our master trusts have millions of dollars in them. Unlike some trusts, ours cannot be assessed for fees. Interest earned on these accounts will offset any inflation on funeral expenses over the years. It is guaranteed to do this, and we will return excess funds to your family.

The second method you may select is via the Forethought Life Insurance Company. When you "buy" a Forethought funeral plan, you are actually buying a special life insurance policy. This policy pays for your funeral arrangements in the future. It is specifically designed for funeral planning, and is offered exclusively by Forethought Life Insurance Company.